Mirtel Design Expands Reach: Beauty and Medical Workwear Now Available Across the EU!

We’re thrilled to announce that Mirtel Design, your go-to destination for stylish and functional beauty and medical workwear, is now shipping to a wider audience across the European Union. Our commitment to delivering high-quality, comfortable, and fashion-forward work attire has spurred our expansion, and we’re excited to serve professionals in various countries.


You can now enjoy Mirtel Design’s premium workwear in the following EU countries:

  1. Germany
  2. France
  3. Italy
  4. Spain
  5. Netherlands
  6. Belgium
  7. Sweden
  8. Denmark
  9. Austria
  10. Hungary
  11. Poland
  12. Slovenia
  13. Slovakia
  14. Czech Republic
  15. Luxembourg
  16. Estonia
  17. Finland
  18. Latvia
  19. Lithuania

Whether you’re a healthcare professional, beauty industry expert, or anyone in need of reliable and chic work attire, Mirtel Design has you covered. Our collection combines functionality with a touch of elegance, ensuring you not only perform at your best but also look and feel confident while doing so.

Browse through our diverse range of uniforms, lab coats, scrubs, and more, all designed with your comfort and style in mind. Mirtel Design is dedicated to providing attire that meets the unique demands of your profession without compromising on aesthetics.

Experience the convenience of ordering online and have workwear delivered straight to your doorstep. Join our growing community of satisfied customers who trust us to elevate their professional appearance.

Thank you for choosing Mirtel Design as your partner in style and functionality. We look forward to dressing you in confidence and comfort as we continue to expand our reach across the EU. Stay tuned for more exciting updates and new additions to our collection!