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Medical clothing for healthcare industry

Mirtel Design produces and designs medical clothing for healthcare industry. We have medical scrubs and uniforms for dentist, doctors, family physician, pediatrician, dermatologist and other medical professionals. We also have selection of durable and comfortable nursing scrubs. Our clients value our high-quality materials and comfortable models. Throughout the Nordic region, we provide medical clothing for the most healthcare industry. We have large variety of lab coats, medical trousers, scrubs, medical uniforms, scrub shirts that are suitable to wear in a hospital or laboratory. Meanwhile we have created workwear such as medical jackets, trousers and dresses that are ideal for doctor in private practice, nurses, dentists, pediatrician, family physician, dermatologist and other professionals, who would like to step out of the ordinary and choose medical clothing that is at the same time durable, high-quality but stylish and comfortable as well.

Expert in medical clothing

Mirtel Design offers great selection of medical clothing that is professional, comfortable, durable and trendy. We have created workwear for dental offices, private practices, clinics and hospitals in both private and public sector, laboratories. Our online store has large variety of medical trousers, lab coats, medical jackets, blouses, dresses and scrubs. Additionally, we offer high-quality footwear that is designed for medical field. All our materials are carefully chosen to meet requirements of the medical clothes. We have chosen fabrics that are breathable, durable and bright colours would remain vibrant after repeated washing cycles. Most our materials are cotton and polyester blend. Cotton lets skin to breath and polyester provides durability. Some of our materials consist EOL, that is elastic fibres. Those materials are more stretch than the others creating a more comfortable feeling. For instance our stretch trousers are slim fit, but since the material has elastic fibres in its composition it provides more flexibility and comfort even though the model is slim. Some our materials at first may feel rough and stiff but after few washing cycles the material feels soft and flexible. Our materials usually don't stretch out after washing, therefore we recommen when ordering it is wise to choose one size larger. To learn more about our materials click here. After ordering a new workwear it is essential to know how to take care of them correctly. Our work clothing has labells inside with the instructions. As a rule our workwear materials can be washed at 60 degrees. However, there are some exceptions. Some materials that are 100% polyester or workwear that have lining or other details may not behave well in high temperatures. We recommend to always look the label inside and if there is any questions or doubts contact us and we will send you all necessary instructions.

Uniforms and scrubs for nurses and doctors

Our scrubs are made of special scrub material that is extremely durable and has long lasting colour fastness. Material is light-weight fabric that is comfortable to wear under lab coats and jackets. Fabric is breathable and light, which provides comfort for long shifts. Scrubs can be washed at higher temperature up to 86 C degrees, except some colours such as sky blue that is washable at 60 C degrees. Scrubs cost less than other workwear which makes them the most popular workwear in medical field. They are easy to care, durable and comfortable. Mirtel Design provides scrub sets for women and men for 51€ and scrub shirts separately for 33€. Our scrub sets and uniforms are available in more than 10 colours. All the colours are vibrant and have excellent colour fastness. Additionally our medical clothing is in constant development meaning based on the feedback and cooperation with several clinics, we complement our models. Our goal is always provide up to date solutions and comfort for people with challenging professions.

Medical clothing for foot therapists

As a foot therapists it is important to feel free in your workwear. Many of our jackets, blouses and tunics have slits on the sleeves which leaves more room for shoulders and hands to move. Additionally, it is possible to add extra room to your back by adding a slit to the back. For comfort all our work clothing has slits on the side, so when sitting the jacket or blouse wouldn't get stuck. Our popular work jacket Gina is excellent fit for foot therapists with its cross-over style and room for movements. Gina is spacious model letting skin to breath and providing comfort for longer days. Jacket is available in 6 colours and fabric is washable at 60 C degrees. The second cofortable model is jacket Cathy and Donna. Both are simple, but elegant with small details and wide variety of colours. If you would like to get thorough overview of our collection contact us we forward you our online catalogue. All the models can be customised based on your needs. A fabric colour, button and lining colour can be change and length of the sleeves is also adjsutable. Contact us for more details!

Buy a professional and trendy lab coat!

Lab coat is one of the doctor's essential clothing item. We have taken this traditional medical clothing and turned it into the stylish, professional and comfortable version. Mirtel Design's online store has a great selection of lab coats for men and women. The prices start from 54€ for simple women and men lab coats. Lab coat Mia is elegant and feminine model with beautiful coloured buttons and belt. Mia can be ordered with 3/4 or full length sleeves. The coat is made of fabric (65% polyester, 35% cotton) specially for healthcare industry. All our materials are OEKO-TEX certified to be safe. Women's model Sandra and men's Tom Long have beautiful coloured collar and professional style.