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Lab coats for men and women

Lab coat is one of the doctor's essential clothing item. We have taken this traditional medical clothing and turned it into the stylish, professional and comfortable version. Mirtel Design's online store has a great selection of lab coats for men and women. The prices start from 54€ for simple women and men lab coats. Lab coat Mia is elegant and feminine model with beautiful coloured buttons and belt. Mia can be ordered with 3/4 or full length sleeves. The coat is made of fabric (65% polyester, 35% cotton) specially for healthcare industry. All our materials are OEKO-TEX certified to be safe. Women's model Sandra and men's Tom Long have beautiful coloured collar and professional style. Lab coats are tailor-made to be suitable for healthcare industry. the white coats have two hip pockets and chest pocket. Coats can be ordered with 3/4 length sleeves or full sleeves. Additionally, we have clients in beauty industry who prefer lab coats to be in other colour to give more informal impression. All our lab coats are made of special healthcare fabrics that have versatile characteristics. Material is durable and has a great colour-fastness. Additionally fabric is breathable and has natuural stretch, which provides comfort for long shifts.

White lab coats as workwear in hospitals and clinics

Mirtel Design's lab coats are durable and comfortable. Also, they are easy to care, since they are washable at 60 C degrees and simply can be left to try on the hanger. Our models are designed specially for medical professionals. We have a selection of more traditional looking white coats that are customised based on the male and female characteristics. Additionally, we have more trendy coats that differ from traditional by its elegant details and more slim cut. From our collection you may find models that are more wide or slim cut based on the preferences. If you would like to receive recommendations or have any questions, send them to us by email or through contact form. We also provide customised workwear for schools and students based on the schools brand colours or details with volume discount. Our design section can customise the individual preferencees providing more possibilities than our standard collection of medical clothes. However, when ordering customised products it takes longer to produce. We will keep you updated and let you know if we have sent out your order. Contact us and we will send you our digital catalogue.

Buy laboratory coat

We provide laboratory coats for all medical sector and also research facilities and laboratories. We offer customisable orders for schools and companies who would like to have coats with logo embroidery or special colours with volume discount. Contact us for more information. Men's most popular lab coats are Sami Long and simple Men's Lab Coat. Sami Long is a longer version of modern jacket Sami that collar can be turned to the small notched collar. Men's lab coat is traditional looking coat with 2 hip pockets, chest pocket, slits for comfort, full sleeves and notched colar. Women's preferred model is lab coat Saskia and Sandra. They are similar in their feminine cut and main features, but Sandra has beautiful coloured collar that is great way to customise your regular lab coat without removing its traditional characteristics. Dress Cathy, Donna and Liilia are popular among family doctors and private practices. Dresses are easy to customise by changing the colour of the lining, button or other details. All dresses are made of special fabric for healthcare fabric and is easy to care.