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Nurse trousers

Mirtel Design has a large variety of nurse trousers and medical trousers. We have selection of straight cut, slim and regular cut models with many colour options. We have models that are pressed such as trousers Line or Spa Line. We have work trousers for men for instance trousers Med and Classical. Our versatile collection meets a needs of medical industry. Our trousers are made of high-quality fabrics, produced specially for medical professionals. Our catalogue consists of classical white trousers, stretch trousers and also more trendy colourful models. We have white pressed trousers with elastic waist and also pressed trousers with a button and zipper that has a elastic on the sides. Also, we offer more modern solutions such as Loreen that creates elegant look with shorter jackets and blouses. Our online store has a scrub sets for men and women. Separately we sell scrub trousers and shirts. Our selection has a navy nurse trousers and also black scrub trousers. Also, a more colourful options such as azure blue, fuchsia and alpine pink, hospital blue and green. In addition to medical trousers, we also sell medical clothes including lab coats, medical shoes, scrubs, jackets, shirts and many more. All workwear is designed and produced in Estonia.

Healthcare trousers

Our healthcare trousers are most frequently purchased by nurse and doctors in both private and public institutions. It is also possible to buy using company's VAT code that provides -20% from all prices. The healthcare trouser prices start from 39€ and can be delivered either directly to the front door or to the nearest post office. The most popular medical trousers Basic are available in 6 colours: azure, fuchsia, navy, dark grey, white and black. We offer matching jackets and blouses that can be ordered in the same colour. Also, we offer customisable options for companies who would like to have workwear that represents its brand. All our catalogue can be customised based on the customer needs. Main fabric, lining, button and other detail's colour can be combined to match your brand and image. We focus on creating workwear that is trendy, comfortable and durable. We constantly supplementing your models to offer workwear that meets the medical professional needs. We listen our customers. If you have any recommandations or comments how to make our workwear even better and more suitable, please let us know. We care about creating workwear that not just is durable but is also comfortable and easy to care.