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Comfortable work shoes

Mirtel Design has a great selection of work shoes for medical and beauty field. We have clogs, sandals, closed sandals and shoes for every taste and requirement. Working in a hospital, clinic, private practice as a doctor or nurse, your work shoes needs to reflect your workday. Long shifts on feet can be exhausting and ergonomic and comfortable shoes are essentials to provide relief to fatigued feet. Our work shoes have ergonomic shape and insoles that provide comfortt not only to your feet but also is beneficial for your posture and back.


We have a selection of medical clogs that are suitable as footwear in a hospital, laboratory, clinics and private offices. Clogs are lightweight and comfortable. Our clogs have a COOLMAX insoles that evaporates sweat to keep feet fresh and comfortable. Our clogs have a anatomic and ergonomic shape and are antibacterial and waterproof. Clogs are washable at 30 C degrees. Prices start at 31,30€. Clogs are available in 3 colours: green, white and black. Shoes are latex-free and non-slip and silent. White and black clogs are available in sizes 35-47 and green 35-46.

Non-slip shoes

We have non-slip shoes for men and women in different sizes and colours. Most our leather models are now switched to cruelty-free and ecofriendly EcoT material certified by Oeko-Tex. All shoes have ergonomic and anatomic shape. We have a selection of sandals and closed sandals that have natural cork anatomical insoles. Cork insoles are shock absorbing and soften impact by walking at hard surfaces. They are naturally antibacterial, which prevents fungus to build up in your shoes. Additionally cork insoles are excellent insulators, preventing over-cooling and over-heating. One of our most popular model is breathable sneakers. They are made of 3D waterproof fabric that is extremely breathable. Additionallysneakers have a EvaGumfly sole for comfort light. They have anatomic and ergonomic shape and are flexible. Sneakers are light-weight - one shoe weights only 150 grams. Also, breathable sneakers are abrasion and tear-resident and have a non-slip sole.

Patterned medical shoes

We have two different models of patterned medical shoes. Both are made of EcoT material what is recycled material certified by Global Recycle Standard. Simple Patterned Work shoes have EVA comfort light sole and Coolmax insoles. they are non-slip and have anatomic and ergonomic shape. They have elastic strap that fit perfectly to the heel. The second model is Patterned sandals with a cork insoles. They are also non-slip and silent. It has instep support with adjustable strap. They have waterproof properties and weight 240 grams each shoe. Sandals are unisex. If you have any questions regarding our work shoes, sandals or clogs, please contact us!