We offer logo and name embroidering service. From this page you can find information about pricing, fonts and colours.

Before ordering the logo or name embroidery, please make sure the size of the ordered work clothing. All workwear on our website is suitable for logo and name embroidery except t-shirts. Workwear with logo or name embroidery is non-refundable!

Logo or name can be embroidered to:

  1. All work jackets, blouses, dresses, trousers, tunics, aprons and skirts.
  2. Fleeces
  3. Polos

Logo cannot be embroidered to:

  1. T-shirts
  2. All work shoes

Positions for logos:

  1. On the sleeve (except fleeces and polos)
  2. On the chest
  3. On the back

Process of ordering a logo or name embroidery

1. See all the embroidery pricing, color options, fonts and other information below.

2. Forward us all the information needed:

  • Type: logo file or name information/vision
  • The position of the logo or name
  • Choose the colour/-s for your logo below

3. We will send you a precise pricing based on the information you sent us.

4. Before embroidering to your chosen workwear we send you preview with embroidery sample with chosen colours

5. After your confirmation we will embroider the logos and forward you the workwear with chosen shipping method.

Logo embroidery file

When ordering for the first time, the price of making a logo embroidery file will be added. This is a one-time cost and you will not have to pay for it when ordering the same logo embroidery in the future. The price is not added to a name embroidery!

Logo embroidery file €16,00

+ VAT (20%) – if your company has a valid VAT code, you don’t have to pay VAT

Logo embroidery

The price of the logo embroidery depends on the size of the logo, the complexity of the design and whether the logo is monochromatic or multicolored. Please see the approximate pricing below. Contact us for an accurate quota by email: contact@mirteldesign.com.

Ordering for a first time, the price of making embroidery file will be added.

Approximate pricing Until 10x10cm (Height x Width) Between 11-21 x 11-27cm (Height x Width)
Monochromatic €3,00 €5,15
Multicoloured €3,55 €6,25

+ VAT (20%) – if your company has a valid VAT code, you don’t have to pay VAT

Name embroidery

Information about the pricing of the name embroidery (located on the left or right chest) is following. Price of making an embroidery file is already added.

Number of colours Approximate pricing of a name embroidery
Monochromatic €3,00
Multicoloured €4,50

+ VAT (20%) – if your company has a valid VAT code, you don’t have to pay VAT

Name embroidery fonts:

Font name Font picture
Font 1
Font 2
Font 3
Font 4
Font 5

Available colours:

Here are available colour options. If you cannot find your company’s or brand’s logo colours, please contact us for more information: contact@mirteldesign.com.

Name Code Tone
White 1001
Black 0001
Brown 1058
Dark grey 1540
Grey 1330
Silver grey 501
Golden 217
Warm beige 1127
Beige 836
Yellow 1367
Orange 1065
Dark orange 677
Red 1393
Dark red 1039
Neon red 1754
Light pink 1064
Baby pink 1117
Rose pink 1119
Neon pink 1709
Pink 1511
Dark pink 1533
Warm purple 1195
Purple 1235
Navy blue 1199
Warm blue 1535
Azure blue 1250
Cold blue 1134
Deep blue 1196
Light blue 1248
Light green 1275
Menthe 1045
Pastel turquoise 1046
Turquoise 1246
Cold green 1079
Green 1101
Leaf green 1276
New Lime green 1510
Lime green 659