Mirtel Design’s story

Mirtel Design is a workwear brand that focuses on medical clothes such as lab coats, nurse uniforms, scrubs, doctor uniforms and medical shoes. Online shop has a great variety of work trousers, shirts, scrubs, blouses, jackets, lab coats and dresses suitable for nurses, surgeons, doctors, physicians, dentists, dermatologist, orthopaedics, pharmacists and other specialists, residents and students. 

Next to the medical clothing Mirtel Design began with work clothing for beauticians. Brand designer Kristel Suik has worked years as a cosmetologist and after wearing several brands and models, she noticed a shortcoming of work clothing that is comfortable, durable and also has a professional and beautiful look. 

Mirtel Design provides durable, elegant and comfortable work clothing for all beauty industry’s specialists and students, such as cosmetologists, masseuses, hairdressers, hair stylists, cosmetic surgeons, cosmetic dentists, beauticians, estheticians, beauty therapists, makeup artists, nail technicians and other beauty specialists. 

All the workwear is designed and produced in a small country in eastern europe called Estonia. Mirtel Design is unique with its possibility to customise your workwear even if you are ordering only one item. You can choose between a large variety of models, where you determine the colour of the material and all the other details such as buttons and edges. Also you can choose sleeve length from short sleeves, short sleeves with slits, ¾ length sleeves or long sleeves. Furthermore you can add a chest pocket, slit on the back for extra shoulder movements or pleated detail. Price for one jacket, blouse or dress is slightly higher than stock products but stays between €62-68. 

Additionally to the custom workwear Mirtel Design team has developed stock products that are simple but elegant workwear that can be purchased with lower price and shorter delivery time. This option is perfect for the new clients who would like to test and try the models before ordering customised item. 

All the materials are carefully selected and comply with European Union regulations. The fabrics are breathable, durable and most important making the workwear comfortable. All materials are skin friendly and do not contain any hazardous particles. The materials are certified to be suitable for people who are working in the healthcare and beauty industry.

Additionally to the workwear Mirtel Design provides ergonomic and anatomical footwear which is certified to be suitable in the healthcare and beauty industry. The work footwear line has a large variety of sandals, medical clogs, sneakers and leather or vegan and cruelty free EcoT material. All the footwear is produced in Europe. 

Mirtel Design team’s motivation is a happy, comfortable and beautiful client.