Mirtel Design is a professional workwear brand that is designed for the beauty and healthcare sector. 

You can find a large variety of workwear in two categories: customizable workwear and stock products. Stock products are Mirtel Design’s most popular workwear that we can provide with lower prices and faster delivery times. You can find Ally jacket with a zipper, classical and timeless jacket Cathy and other favourite models among the stock products. 

From customizable workwear, you can find our whole product line. All models can change the colour of the fabric, lining (synonym for the translator: edges) and buttons. Moreover, you can choose between sleeve type and trousers’ length. 

All products are made with the highest quality and used only the carefully selected materials to provide breathable, durable and comfortable workwear. 

If you are a cosmetologist, masseuse, hairdresser, doctor, nurse, surgeon, administrator, nail technician, dermatologist, pharmacist, orthopaedic or dentist, Mirtel Design’s workwear line is designed for you!

Mirtel Design team’s motivation is a happy, comfortable and beautiful client.