“Since I was a little girl, I`ve into modelling clothes. I guess I got it from my grandfather who used to be a talented tailor back in the days. His passion, like mine, was to create tailor-made garments to guarantee a perfect fit for every customer. 

Throughout years my hobby has been creating garments for my loved ones and myself.  My desire to design beautiful clothes for us women deepened during the time I worked as a beautician. I wanted to and needed to look healthy, beautiful and professional. Like every beautician I enjoyed wearing stylish, comfortable and durable workwear, however I never got all three in one garment, it was always either one or the other. 

Mirtel Design – my knowledge, experience and ambition. Mirtel Design`s workwear is designed keeping in mind the mobile job character of a beautician, farmacist, cosmetologist, massage therapist, dentist, doctor, masseur, hairdesser, and clinical staff in general. Amongst our clients you can even find fair exhibitionists, receptionists and students in a permanent make-up school. 

Satisfied, beautiful and happy clients is what keeps me going. Im glad to compliment the health and beauty industry with garments that are made of breathable, durable and quality fabrics together with my stylish, detailed and feminine design.”

Kristel Suik  • Founder of Mirtel Design