December Gift Card Offer!

As the holiday season approaches, Mirtel Design is pleased to share an informational update regarding our gift card offering for December. During this month, we are providing a 20% bonus value on all gift card purchases, making it a thoughtful choice for those seeking a practical and stylish present.

The Gift of Style and Functionality

Mirtel Design’s workwear is known for its premium quality, comfort, and elegant designs, making it a fitting choice for professionals in various fields such as healthcare, beauty, spa, hospitality, and caregiving.

How It Works

Purchasing a Mirtel Design gift card is a straightforward process, available through both physical and electronic formats. Physical cards, elegantly packaged, can be chosen for those who appreciate a tangible touch. Alternatively, electronic gift cards cater to the tech-savvy recipients. These can be conveniently purchased on our website or via email, providing a seamless and convenient experience.

December Exclusive: 20% Bonus Value

Throughout December, Mirtel Design is offering a 20% bonus value on all gift card purchases. This means that a 100€ card will be increased to 120€, reflecting our commitment to spreading holiday cheer and enhancing your gift-giving experience.

Make Your Gift Unforgettable

Consider elevating your gift-giving this holiday season with Mirtel Design’s exclusive December offer. It’s an opportunity to treat your loved ones to exceptional workwear while enjoying the satisfaction of a fantastic deal. To secure a gift card that will make this holiday season truly memorable, visit our website or contact us via email.

See the Gift Card here!

At Mirtel Design, we believe in making every gift as extraordinary as the person receiving it. Wishing you Happy Holidays from Mirtel Design!