More about Medical Clothing and Beauty Uniforms: Jacket Ally

Are you looking for practical and minimalist work attire? The Ally jacket is designed just for you! In designing the Ally jacket, we prioritized the wearer’s comfort and practicality. The jacket, which can be opened with a zipper, can be quickly put on before a client arrives and easily taken off after the workday. Short […]

More about Medical Clothing and Beauty Uniforms: Tunic Mirtel

Work Tunic Mirtel

Introducing Our Workwear Series: More about Medical Clothing and Beauty Uniforms.  Welcome to the first post of our blog series, “More about Medical Clothes and Beauty Uniforms: Tunic Mirtel.” We’re excited to embark on this journey to bring our workwear models directly to you, whether you’re located far from Tallinn or unable to visit our […]

Mirtel Design Exclusively Offers In-Stock Products for Swift Delivery

In the dynamic worlds of healthcare, beauty, spa, and hospitality, having the right attire is not just about fashion – it’s a statement of functionality and professionalism. At Mirtel Design, we’re excited to announce a significant shift in our approach to better serve you. We are now exclusively providing products that are in stock, ensuring […]

Mirtel Design Expands Reach: Beauty and Medical Workwear Now Available Across the EU!

We’re thrilled to announce that Mirtel Design, your go-to destination for stylish and functional beauty and medical workwear, is now shipping to a wider audience across the European Union. Our commitment to delivering high-quality, comfortable, and fashion-forward work attire has spurred our expansion, and we’re excited to serve professionals in various countries.   You can […]